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  • Javad Hatami

    Javad Hatami

    CEO & Co-founder @Builtrix. I love to build products; especially those that save time and make people’s lives easier.

  • Juanje Fernandez

    Juanje Fernandez

  • Rui Costa

    Rui Costa

    CEO and Co-Founder at Codavel. Speeding up what CDNs can’t

  • Nuno Carvalho

    Nuno Carvalho

  • Frederico Serras Gago

    Frederico Serras Gago

    Venture Capitalist. Early Stage.

  • Sara Amaral Proença

    Sara Amaral Proença

    Happily Entrepreneur: corporate PR and Communication specialist with comprehensive experience gained both in Brazil and in Portugal.

  • Myriam Barnés Guevara

    Myriam Barnés Guevara

    Mathematician. Designer. Writer. Editor. Educator. Not always in the same order. Escribo también en español.

  • Benjamin Júnior

    Benjamin Júnior

    VC Investor • Fund Manager • Tech/Business Advisor • Blockchain enthusiast • Determined dreamer • Food evangelist • Life enthusiast

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